The 2015 Connected Buildings Tour, An extension of Lucid's Connected Buildings Summit, explored how forward-thinking professionals and visionaries on the cutting edge of building management technology are leading the transformation of the commercial building space. 

It was a blast to watch, I feel like I was at a Ted talk
— Jamie Donovan, Energy Consultant, Dept. of General Services, City of Washington D.C.

We're bringing the Connected Buildings Movement to a city near you. 

We had a great opportunity to connect with John Picard, and some real visionaries in the space.”
— Zac Wheeler, President & CEO, 38 Zeros
I have met some fantastic people, people who really want to make a difference.
— Ellen Luttrell, Cleantech Consultant
This was an amazingly inspiring and informative session.
— Layla Monajemi, Energy Manager, Juniper Networks
It was just awesome the conversations we got to have. Those connections are so invaluable.
— Julie North, Natural & Renewable Resources Coordinator, Aurora Public Schools